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The content below can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page. We are NOT crowdfunding or MLM. Individuals purchase products that are directly paid to the referring coupon code. All other pledging is by personal choice direct peer to peer to no more than three projects. We manage the sofware to tell you how to pledge, but each individual conducts their own transactions and pledges. You have your own wallet, and are responsibile for your own security of your bitcoin private keys through your password and pin.

Join our revolutionary cooperative pledging program FREE today to help raise funds for your special project or program.

There are no headaches like crowdfunding platforms. Tell others and share in the cooperative pledges to other projects, instead of getting a T-Shirt, like other programs when you support them.

We have a one time $35 eBook, with ad, explaining our entire system. Your purchase allows you to advertise YOUR project on the top of every page of the pledge system eBook.

We have a $350 service to protect ANY idea that everyone in the world could use.

Here is how you raise pledges for YOUR project:

Register for FREE using your invite Coupon Code.

Create $5 and $50 Discount Coupons to reduce the price to $30 for the ad, and $300 for the idea protection service similar to a patent.

Put your information or project on the coupon and affirm that up to 66% of their purchase will be pledged to YOUR Specific Project.

Put OUR product website and YOUR coupon code on the coupon.

Give away the coupons worldwide for our product or service, and receive pledges when customers purchase.

How many coupons can you or your organization hand out?

If you pay to advertise your project in the eBook, you can give away the eBook on the system as a gift, and YOUR coupon will be inside the eBook.

What project would you like to create?

Food for dinner, school clothes, house payment, vacation, college, community center, or even take a shot at ending poverty.

Contact the company or the person who sent you this video, as soon as you are ready to fund your project.


The Product - The initial product is a $35 a month marketing system with a lifetime purchase of an additional $350 which will include a Bonus Crypto Patent. Optionally, we want individuals to join the Pledge Distribution Formula and OPTIONALLY Pledge $10 to the company and Pledge $20 in bitcoin directly to the coupon provider to waive the first month $35 marketing system. After the initial pledge, each $32 in pledges to three combined projects will waive another $35 monthly fee. If the individual pledges to the company an additional $100 and Pledges $200 in bitcoin directly to the coupon provider, the $35 marketing system will be waived for the life of the program and they will receive a bonus credit for a $350 basic MyCryptoPatent.

Pledges - Pledges are made direct from one individual directly to up to three projects, sent currently in bitcoin. The company software determines which projects to direct the pledges to by opening a channel between the sender and receiver according to the Pledge Distribution Formula. The Pledge stays in the original bitcoin address of the sender on the blockchain until a receiver action withdraws the pledge closing the channel between sender and receiver. All pledges and distribution are fully transparent and trackable in the back office. Pledges cannot be withdrawn until reaching Step 5, except in special circumstances. This is to protect the individual and keep them qualified for more pledges. The software will automatically take from earned pledges to promote to Rank 3 in the 30 Pair Tree and 300 to promote to the 300 Pair Tree. If the individual has one Team / Pool Point, the system will additionally promote to Rank 5 in the 30 Pair Tree when earned pledges are sufficient. ALL Pledge Points including optional pledges are derived from the sale of products. Pledge Points are often called Mall Points.

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