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Pledge Distribution Formula

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This is the simplest version on how to maximize the pledges to your project.

  1. Register FREE and distribute unlimited Discount Coupons with your coupon code.
  2. Because everything is determined by software and performance, knowing the math will not give you an advantage.
  3. Purchase your eBook and MyCryptoPatent as soon as possible
  4. To qualify for maximum pledges, you need 10 sales in each project independently, and you need to teach your customers to sell a combined 20 sales, in each project independently. This would create five team points in each project.
  5. Go to your back office and focus on the GREEN buttons:

If you have sufficient pledges in your wallet, and sufficient team points, you can press the Step Up buttons. The pledges needed in the IPF (Intellectual Property File) System are ten times those needed in the eBook Project.

If you have the funds and sufficient team points, the system will calculate how much to pledge, where to send the pledges, and create the transactions to distribute the pledges for you.

If you are losing pledges, you need to press the associated Step Up button.

If the button does not work, help more projects, and, or, help your children and grandchildren start new projects. (Children are customers to whom you have provided a coupon who then purchased, and grandchildren are sales created when provided a coupon by your children.)

Because you match up to 50% of the pledges to your children and grandchildren, the fastest way to larger success is to help more children start projects, and help your children help their children start projects.

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