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The Pledge Distribution Formula is revolutionary. It is designed using the theory of circulation of currency. Basically, an economy has no value until currency is circulating within the ecosystem.

This formula is designed to allow those with nothing, to participate in the project and produce any potential income of their desire.

This is NOT a freeloader program. Do not just sign up and expect things to happen. It is based on rewards for effort. Your effort is to hand out coupons and teach others to do the same.

The program allows anyone to create any income of their dreams, without restriction, while at the same time, circulating their success to support the new and needy in the program.

The program is HIGHLY based on the principle of “give before you receive”. The process starts when the company substantially reduces the price of a product or service in exchange for the purchaser pledging the discount directly to the project of the coupon provider.

After the initial purchase and pledge, all other pledges are voluntary, with significant rewards for pledging to other projects through the formula.

The formula is incredibly complex, based on mathematical principles, and human nature to create a successful system. There are many websites, and the eBook, to go into detail.

EVERYTHING is programmed by the formula based on production. You cannot “game the system” to try to improve your income. The BEST approach, based on the way our pool system works for bonus pledges, is to obtain one business position and work it to maximum qualification. After reaching the maximum success, if you want more, then consider another attempt with a new position. Warning, if you take two positions, because of the formula, you will work twice as hard for half the pledges, virtually guaranteeing you will not win positional benefit or bonus pools.

That said, the only thing you need to know about the Pledge Distribution Formula is how to find your back office and press the green buttons. If you have enough pledges in your wallet, and supported your customers and their customers creating success teams, your buttons will work.

  • Press the eBook button once to purchase the eBook ad.
  • Press the Patent button once to order your MyCryptoPatent.
  • Press the Step Up eBook button up to 13 times to increase pledges to other projects founded on the eBook project.
  • Press the Step Up IPF button up to 19 times to increase the pledges to other projects founded on the IPF (Intellectual Property File) project.

As you increase your pledges, you greatly increase the potential pledges to you.

As a final note, everyone earns based on the same formula. After the initial pledge created from the sale of a product, all optional pledges are matched up to 50%. This means when projects you started with your provided coupon earn pledges (child projects), you can earn half as many pledges as they earn. This is also true for projects your customers help start (grandchild projects).

If, as example, one of your children or grandchildren projects earn $100 from optional pledges, you would receive up to $50 of matching pledges, because YOU helped bring their project to market.

Finally, press the salmon button, if you want to withdraw pledges from the system.

All the other buttons in the back office are to help you audit and track pledges sent and received.

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