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Pay It Forward

  • Simple Strategy
  • Pay It Forward
  • Bring Two Guests
  • View Websites
  • Answer Questions
  • Pay for Your Invite
  • Teach Everyone to Do the Same

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The strategy is simple and can be followed by everyone. It is based on a pay it forward program, provided that the individual you are paying for has taken the qualifying action.

First, let me be perfectly clear. DO NOT pay for family, friends, etc. that do not have their own network of individuals or do not commit to taking action. Paying for a spouse, your cat or dog is guaranteed failure because of how our pool points work. You will work twice as hard for half the pay, and will never win a pool which contains up to 35% of all pledges flowing in the system.

Basic Strategy

Tell your prospect that you will pay for their product, provided they meet the following conditions:

  • Bring TWO prospects to a meeting with you and watch this video

  • Review the WeSharePledges and Leaders website

  • Ask and Answer any questions necessary

  • Your Prospect and two guests must Register for FREE

  • Your Prospect promises to pay it forward for their guests, if their guests do the same.

Your cost will be $30 to pay for their product, but you receive $20 in bitcoin pledges immediately from the sale. Therefore your Pay It Forward cost is $10 per customer. Additionally, the $20 is in your bitcoin wallet and available for you to Step Up your pledges.

Do not pay it forward for individuals who do not follow the basic strategy.

Every single point in the system is pledged from the company. The company places points into the system from the sale of products. Every point pledged from one project to another and withdrawn is derived from company product sales.

Because of our circulating currency system, a major portion of the pledges circulate back to top performers who are anyplace in the company structure. This means the efforts of all end up helping all, as pool winners circulate pledges back through other projects when they Step Up.

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