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We have a group of people who want to move FAST. This video is the absolute minimum needed to be successful.

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  • Help teach your two customer’s children to Step Up for Floor 2

  • Step Up to Floor 3 from the profits

  • Find two new customers and start the process over

  • Teach everyone to do the same

  • Step Up as you receive increasing pledges until at the top.

  • Leaders will find ten paid customers right away and help them all get two paid customers as soon as possible.


The Product - The initial product is a $35 a month marketing system with a lifetime purchase of an additional $350 which will include a Bonus Crypto Patent. Optionally, we want individuals to join the Pledge Distribution Formula and OPTIONALLY Pledge $10 to the company and Pledge $20 in bitcoin directly to the coupon provider to waive the first month $35 marketing system. After the initial pledge, each $32 in pledges to three combined projects will waive another $35 monthly fee. If the individual pledges to the company an additional $100 and Pledges $200 in bitcoin directly to the coupon provider, the $35 marketing system will be waived for the life of the program and they will receive a bonus credit for a $350 basic MyCryptoPatent.

Pledges - Pledges are made direct from one individual directly to up to three projects, sent currently in bitcoin. The company software determines which projects to direct the pledges to by opening a channel between the sender and receiver according to the Pledge Distribution Formula. The Pledge stays in the original bitcoin address of the sender on the blockchain until a receiver action withdraws the pledge closing the channel between sender and receiver. All pledges and distribution are fully transparent and trackable in the back office. Pledges cannot be withdrawn until reaching Step 5, except in special circumstances. This is to protect the individual and keep them qualified for more pledges. ALL Pledge Points including optional pledges are derived from the sale of products. Pledge Points are often called Mall Points.

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