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WeSharePledges is a cooperative Common Law Contract, where individuals worldwide agree to pledge to a common cause, in order to qualify to receive pledges to THEIR specific project. Imagine crowdfunding where instead of receiving a T-Shirt for your pledge, you receive a part of the entire crowdfunding effort.

The common cause is to raise funds for the development of a worldwide ecosystem, where all products and services can be made available across the network between members.

Everything is initially fueled by two products:

  • A one time $35 ad in an eBook which describes the System

  • A one time $350 Service to protect any idea or Intellectual Property

The process is simple:

  1. Register for FREE

  2. Create $5 and $50 Discount Coupons to reduce the price to $30 for the ad, or $300 for the idea protection service like a patent.

  3. Put your information and your project on the coupon and affirm that up to 66% of their purchase will be pledged to YOUR Specific Project.

  4. Put OUR product website and YOUR coupon code on the coupon.

  5. Give away the coupons worldwide for our product or service, and receive pledges when customers purchase.

  6. Purchase the products once personally to increase the pledge amounts to YOUR project.

  7. Optionally pledge to other projects to greatly increase the potential pledges to your project.

  8. Everyone worldwide can join for FREE, using YOUR coupon code, to start their own project.

  9. You can receive up to 50% matching pledges on secondary pledges to projects you started, with your coupons, and projects started by your coupon recipients.

How does it work:

  • First the customer receives a 16% discount for the product or service.

  • 33% is paid to the main project to deliver products and to help reach the common cause goals.

  • 66% is pledged to your project for the first three customers using your coupon.

  • After three purchases, 33% is pledged to your project, if you have not purchased the corresponding product or service, with the remainder to the Common Project and Pools. If you purchased the product, then 60% is pledged to YOUR specific project and the remainder helps the Common Project and Pools.

  • Each individual optionally decides to pledge to other projects and the pool.

  • The common pool is shared among the top performing individuals during a pool period. The more products purchased because of your efforts, and the efforts of individuals you shared your coupons with during a pool period, the greater the pledges back to YOUR project.

  • There are separate qualifications and pools for the product and project.

  • Common projects will be added in the future as the ecosystem grows, such as; food, a shelter, hospital, or power system for a deprived community.

This is a win win program for everyone. Anyone willing to put in a little effort creating and handing out coupons can participate, even for free.

The average project can start to earn unlimited pledges with funds available for withdraw immediately, worldwide.

The top producers, during a pool period, will receive the greatest rewards from pools no matter when they join the program, where they live, who sponsored them or other normal disadvantages.

Top earners with comfortable lifestyle provide the most back to the ecosystem, directly to the new top producers. Top earners can be top producers, if they keep on working.

Optional pledges are all paid from earnings. There is no Pay to Play. Increased pledges come from the initial product and service purchased by coupon discount.

Future projects are funded by the pledges from previous projects, all from initial product and service sales.

Everyone in the world can use the product and service. There are no borders, no payment restrictions, no time delays, no FDA or customs challenges.

The only thing stopping you is you. Register FREE, tell everyone to register FREE, hand out coupons, get your product and service as fast as possible, and pledge every chance you get from pledges you receive until you receive maximum share.

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