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Crowd funding is a new phenomenon. There are many websites like Kickstarter where people present their project and for a fee they are advertised to a large number of people interested in funding worthy causes.

However, very few people are selected and some projects get all the major money. This is good for the guy that has some incredible project with lots of excitement and no competition. But for the little guy wanting to pay for football jerseys, and every team is in competition with him for the same money, it is hard to get noticed. Also jerseys may be insignificant, if your intended goal is to build a stadium in your home town.

Our program is NOT crowdfunding but it uses the principles of social media networking to expand your exposure to larger numbers of potential individuals who may share to your project.

Most people have heard of the movie “Pay It Forward”. In this case an individual looks for someone that has a need. He helps that person, not to receive a reward personally from the person that he helps, but to make the person promise that they will pass on the gift in the future to someone they meet in need. In other words, “Pay It Forward”.

Our platform combines the two ideas. Basically, you receive pledges initially from your personal referrals, but eventually, unless you share part of your pledges to those that helped you into the program, you cannot receive pledges from successive people who are sharing to you for helping them.

Our software verifies that you have qualified at a certain Floor (we use Floors to designate a level of projects) by pledging to three separate projects according to our Pledge Distribution Formula. Half of your pledge goes to a Target project, and 25% goes to two other projects who introduced the Target project. You are now qualified to receive from many projects who qualify at the same level, when you are either their Target, or if you introduced the Target.

As example, suppose you qualify the third Floor by pledging $32 to the Target and $16 to each of the two projects responsible for the Target being in the program. You can now be the Target of four $16 pledges and an unlimited number of $8 pledges depending on how many projects you are the direct or second level referral.

There are multiple "Floors" of projects you share pledges to. The more projects you share to for qualification, the expontionally larger the number of pledges you are qualified to receive.

This program is NOT MLM and all pledges come from the sale of our system that helps individuals or groups market their project.

If you have a project, or know someone with a project, register free today from the register link and get your project started today.

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